How can I make Jesus greater?


“He must become greater and I am must become less” – John the Baptist (John 3:30)

This is a quick hit about a scripture I’ve been reflecting on recently.  As I reflect on this verse, the question I find myself asking is: How do I make Jesus to be greater in and through my life?  Here’s a couple of thoughts:

  • When I choose mercy over anger.
  • When I choose compassion over judgment.
  • When I choose forgiveness over bitterness and revenge.
  • When I choose generosity over greed.
  • When I choose sacrifice over selfishness.
  • When I choose self-control over indulgence.
  • When I choose the hard truth over the easy lie.
  • When I choose to serve over being served.
  • When I choose to step forward rather than sit back.
  • When I choose to speak up rather than shut up.
  • When I choose encouragement over criticism.

I’m convinced that the Christian has no greater calling than to be a light that shines in the darkness and to be a voice for the Gospel.  When you choose Christlikeness, through practical obedience, you make Jesus greater and you fulfill your heavenly calling to shine a light on the narrow path.

So I ask you: What can you do today to make Jesus greater?

What choice would you add to my list that make Jesus greater in and through your life?

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