go ahead and shrink your list

Some people like their Christianity checklist style.  They want a list of all the steps, principles, qualities and habits that make a fruitful Christian.  If this you, you’re in luck because there is an endless stream of points that you can check to your heart’s content.  If you’re like me, however, too many steps, principles, qualities, and habits makes my head explode.  Does following Jesus need to be so complicated?

1. NO

According to Jewish tradition there are six-hundred and thirteen laws in the Old Testament.


According to Jesus:


In Matthew 22, verses34-40,  Jesus is asked to identify the most important of the 613 Old Testament laws.  Jesus’ answer was not to name the first among a very long list.  Jesus answer was to shrink the entire list down to 2 simple (not easy) commands.

Jesus simplified knowing, following and serving God.

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed by the seemingly never-ending list of do’s and don’t do’s required of you to be a good Christian, spouse, parent, leader, employer or employee?

Get down to what is most important and give that your focus without over complicating it.

Go ahead and shrink your list.

What area of life do you find to be the most complicated?  What do you do to simplify and focus in this area or in others?


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